¿What do you think about mexican food?

hello people, well im mexican but i’m testing my english, that’s why i’m here,
Have you ever tried mexican food ?, if you have, what dou you think abou it?. Thank you so much for your answers.
By the way, could you tell me how good my english is?, i know i didn’t write so much but its something to qualify.
GReetings from México.
Sorry sorry, iknow its "do" not "dou" but i was a finger mistake jeje
ups, sorry again i wrote "i was a finger mistake", but what i tried to write was "it was a finger mistake", i promise that next time i write, i’ll read it before submit


  1. Thanks for coming!

    Your sentence construction is quite good, your punctuation and capitalization needs a bit of work, but all things considered, far better than my ability to write Spanish!

    Mexican food (to answer your question), is like any other food! Some fantastically good, and some not so. I find the use of spices, juices and things like chocolate (mole sauces) fascinating!

    On the other hand, I’ve had some pretty dismal, greasy, flavorless yuck, that I only describe as ‘food’ because it came on a plate.

    I guess it just depends on who’s making it, how much they care, and the quality of the ingredients!

    Best wishes!

  2. Your English isn’t bad, just some spelling errors. But your grammar and sentences are structured right. I love Mexican food, I live in Arizona, so most of the Mexican food is traditional, so I love it.

  3. I like mexican food, and no Im not just talking about fast food. Im talking about real mexican food cooked by mexicans.

    I am not crazy about somethings that are superspicy, but when toned down a bit I like it.

    English was good.

    Soliel B
  4. Your English isn’t too bad…actually, you did better than a lot of English speaker do on here!!!

    Do, not "dou"
    Also, when you write "I" or I’m, make sure it’s always capitalized.

    So far, so good!

    Oh, and I do enjoy Mexican food, but it does tend to make me go to the bathroom!?!

  5. I love Mexican food, especially homemade tamales which I have yet to master. But the neighbor makes some great ones and I need to ask her how to make them. I know it’s a long process. I’m in the US. Your English is pretty darned good, but when writing in English you don’t need the upside down question mark at the beginning of a question. That’s all.

  6. I love Mexican food and your English is muy bien. You need a little help on spelling and grammatical errors but I understood what you said and that’s the most important thing I suppose.

  7. Your English is GREAT =) It’s better than some typing I’ve seen from native English speakers who use Yahoo Answers. Anyways, I LOVE Mexican food, it is so delicious! In fact, I’m kind of in the mood for some right now! =)

  8. Mexican food is the best, especially from a quality restaurant, I have been to Mexico a few times. Your English is okay, could use some help with your grammar

    ellen d
  9. I love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.. the hotter the better 🙂
    ive been trying to make it a little lower fat at home.. baking instead of frying.. ive found this works really well with chimichungas.. spray em with cooking spray and bake instead of frying.

    and your english is really good btw 🙂

  10. Hi Doug and welcome.
    Funny, here in America what we think of as "Mexican" cuisine is always full of cheeses, in Mexico not so much,,,, am I right?
    I do love Mexican and am planning to go back to Europan this November. The cook at the mission we were at was an amazing person,, and a great cook. as for your English, you are doing very well. I wish my Spanish was as good!
    Good luck

    Gary V
  11. I love it,it is one of my favorite types of food.I am amazed at the ways people can take a few ingredients and do so many different things with it.
    I am into what is known as Tex-Mex,I really like it.It is heavily Americanized with sour cream and stuff.
    Your English needs some touching up on capitalization and spelling but it is decent.

  12. I happen to love Mexican food, but when I go to a restaurant the salsa is always not as good as my friend makes it. The thing is my friends German and she makes the best Mexican salsa I’ve ever tasted…………

  13. Hello Doug: I suppose that your English is very good since mine is horrible. with respect to the Mexican food, I like to prove it sometimes , they say that is very sharp.
    I talk like Toro Sentado?

  14. The mexican food here in the states is in no way even CLOSE to what they sell in Mexican restaurants, and on a different PLANET than what you get in mexican households.

    My husband is from Tepatitlan, Jalisco, and we make pozole and tamales rojos all the time. You won’t find that dish in any restaurant where I live.

    I also like to make the tamales in banana leaves from veracruz, and I have never seen them anywhere in the united states.

    Your written English is very good. Sigue aprendiendo.

  15. I have eaten Mexican food all my life, I love it, that does not of course does not stop me from sampling other cuisines of the world.

    Your English is far better than the average ESL student, just watch the punctuation. ESL students have to work hard at that.

  16. I love real Mexican food…..not the stuff they try to pass off in most restaurants in The USA. There is one good real restaurant close to me, but they are $$$$$. I prefer to drive about half an hour to another place that has just about any kind of restaurant you could want. Or I just call my ex-husband, who is Mexican, and he comes and cooks for me!!!! He is a really good cook, although I will say that I hate Mexican sour cream….yeah it’s not like American sour cream, lets just say that.

    I do have to say though, I have never met a Mexican guy named Doug?

    Michelle M
  17. I’m Mexican, so I’m partial to Mexican food, of course!

    I LOVE IT! My favorite is sopa de arroz con platano. Of course, enchiladas are fabulous! And tamales! MMMM!

    mrs sexy pants
  18. Your English is quite good, only a few mistakes but I was able to understand your question with no troubles at all.
    Yes I love Mexican food, so do my kids. Our favourite would have to be enchiladas. My kids like spicy food so I always try to make the sauce a little spicier than usual. I also love to make nachos. The only thing is I can’t eat sour cream or guacamole, so I use extra mice and beans, top with cheese and salsa, then sprinkle some fresh and deep fried spring onion and some chives. If I am having guests over I will make one just for myself on the side and serve everyone else’s with the sour cream and guacamole.

    Kelly R
  19. Your English is quite good. Keep trying and maybe take some classes. I love Mexican food.
    The guacamole is a bless from heaven mmmmmmmmmmm.
    quesadillas so goooooooooddd.
    Tacos pastor or carnitas mmmmmmmmmm.
    The food is great at least what I have tried. God bless Mexican food

  20. It is very good. In south Texas it is very common, the further north you go the worse it gets though. I also like a variety of different food from the middle east, Chinese, German, or Indian. it is all good.

  21. I’m not mexican, and I’ve been to a mexican restaurant 3 times in my life and had take-out twice. Quesidillas, tacos, enchiladas, and some pockets with strips of meat, onions and tomaroes with sauce tasted great…and the green dip tastes great too.

    Your writing is better than most who are trying to communicate. How’s your verbal communication?


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