(10 POINTS) How do tamales affect the mexican culture?

I am doing a tamale project and the teacher would like us to explain how tamales effect the mexican culture. Also if you have time can you give me some tips on them because we need to talk about them but it can’t exceed two minutes. THANKS!


  1. I’d say it’s a labor of love. Real tamales take a good two days to make. It’s a social thing. Women gather and make them, the kids are usually involved, learn family history, bond with others, a few generations might be involved. Imagine having your mother, grandmother, all their friends around for a canning session. It’s a societal thing on top of making some really excellent food.

  2. Tamal is a mexican snack made of corn meal dough with fillings of meat or vegetables and wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and steamed in a steamer more like dumplings in China and momos of Tibet.Its mostly eaten in the SouthAmerican countries ,but is prominently found in Mexico,eaten for breakfast lunch and also for dinner.In what way it should effect the Mexican culture is baffling…as this is considered a traditional food of Mexico in other countries.In short tamal represents Mexico as much as pasta and pizza to Italy.

  3. around here its a traditional Christmas/New Years dish. Ditto with the whole family pitching in to make them as very labor intensive. lots of talk and gossip.


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