Anyone know a sight for guitar lessons? Specifically mexican music but anything will do.?

Anybody know of a sight where I can learn how to play mexican music on the guitar? Types of music I wana learn is rancheras, mariachi, rock in spanish. Some of the artists music that I wana learn are Vicente Fernandez, Antonio Aguilar, Mana, Juanes, and anything else like that.

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  1. There’s nothing more Mexican than Mariachi! The mariachi group that I play in does many canciones by Vicente Fernandez, Pedro Fernandez, Juan Gabriel, etc. Traditionally, mariachi music has been taught by rote, or imitating another player… regardless of the instrument played.

    There is quite a movement in the US to promote the continual development of "authentic" mariachi music, with an emphasis on education… specifically, reading music. Jeff Nevin is a major force behind this movement. He has written a book called, "Virtuoso Mariachi". More info is below.

    Perhaps there is a group in your area that would also help you to get involved?

    "Virtuoso Mariachi", by Jeff Nevin, Ph.D.

    "Virtuoso Mariachi" presents a unique insight into the history and development of Mexico’s traditional music, including:

    1) how its history has affected performance practice

    2) an in-depth discussion of mariachi trumpet style and technique

    3) a survey of song types common in mariachi music today

    4) critical examination of current trends in mariachi and the performers who set them

    5) the author’s thoughts on the future of mariachi music.

    "Mariachi Mastery", by Jeff Nevin, is a method book wherein, "Guitarists and Harpists may begin their instrument with "Mariachi Mastery"!

    On the Virtuoso Mariachi website is a contact link for Jeff Nevin. He is very helpful and friendly, so don’t hesitate to contact him.

    This is from a reply that I received from Jeff, regarding his "Mariachi Mastery" book:

    "There are books for every mariachi instrument, they all work together. They start very easy, but the second half is dedicated to teaching people to play "sones" (like El Sinaloensce") in the correct style."

    Note that he says, "… in the correct style."

    You will also find a "Links" thumbnail that will take you to many other websites.

    Best of luck to you!

    Hombre de San Juan

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