1. Selena Gomez has mexican blood from her father, Ricardo Gomez.
    Demi Lovato has hispanic, italian and irish blood.

    They both doesn’t speak spanish, it’s true that Demi recorded a song in Spanish "Lo que soy", but she doesn’t speak, her accent is so bad (sorry but it’s true, but she do it very good :]).

  2. They are Mexican American

    Demi lovato speaks spanish, my sister has her CD and she has many spanish songs.
    Selena gomez, I think she speaks only a lil bit of spanish.

    Scott ♫ ♫ ♫
  3. Busqué unas entrevistas en español con Demi en youtube y casi no existe nada de ella hablando español. Solamente sabe unas palabras pero no lo habla con fluidez. También en todos los videos que vi, ella necesitaba una traductora profesional para conversar en español.


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