Are U proud of your Nationality, Language, Culture, Beliefs, Traditions, and Identity, like we Mexican are?

soy Mexicano
First, the border crossed us in 1848.
I crossed the illegal border, to unify with my homies and my Kin. And I crossed because Mexican economy depends on US economy. and I rather earn Dollars than pesos.
But since Bush was a corrupt and screwed up the US economy, I might think moving to Canada or Europe.


  1. I’d be prouder if those darn mexicans would stop bringing drugs illegally into this country and feed it to our children. If your so proud of your country then become more involved in making it better for your family and the world.

  2. I sure am proud to be Canadian! I love our history and especially our Aboriginal heritage. I think Aboriginal art is so beautiful. Also proud to be a Newfie, were loud, funny and just a good ol time!!

  3. If you remember your history right you would know that the native Americans didn’t want the mexican people there either, and the U.S. Army had called them off.

  4. I’m proud to not be Hispanic, and I think you and the rest need to go back to where you came from and quit wearing down our economy. Don’t make fun of our President when you don’t even belong over here in the first place.

  5. You Mxs are proud of your nationality, language, culture, beliefs, traditions, and identity.
    Then why is the birth rate for Hispanics in the US 4/1000 and in MX it’s 2/1000
    Why is there such a high drop out rate
    Why is there so much identity theft and fraud among illegals
    Why are there 12 million illegal hispanics in the US if there is so much pride in MX.
    And why do you continue to support a church that molests your boys.
    And for your info MX government allowed Americans to settle in TX.
    Then sent MX criminals to protect the people. So the people voted to join the US and leave MX. MXs military and weapons were inferior and was unable to prevent TX and CA from joining the US.

  6. Yes I am proud to be An American Indian and who crossed who’s borders. I am proud to speak English, the only thing lately AI am not proud of is our government not stopping us from being invaded by these illegal criminals and them not punishing them and deporting them enough!!
    One big difference between being American and being any illegal, we will stand up and fight for our country, why do illegals run instead of trying to make a difference for their country and their people, says alot about how proud the illegals are now doesn’t it.

    Mad Kat

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