Best way to learn spanish?

I already know the basics nd a lil more cuz I’m Hispanic nd un Spanish one in highschool but I just got a job al el rancho a Mexican supermarket and I need to be able to speak fluent. if I teach myself how do I do it? Luke start with vocabulary. but I just don’t know hour put the sentences together and I need a lot of practice. help please!


  1. First, you should probably learn English. Your spelling is atrocious!

    It’s impossible to figure out what you are trying to say!

    And second, the best way to learn is to pack up and move to Spain for about six months, but then, it doesn’t sound like you have that kind of time.

    If you needed to know fluent Spanish in order to do the job, they would have tested you in the interview, and you probably wouldn’t have gotten the job, soooo, I’m thinking, it won’t be necessary to speak fluent Spanish, and that you’ll pick up a great deal there, anyway. (Probably the best immersion you can get without moving!)

  2. To speak fluent Spanish, or most language for that matter, you need to live in a Spanish speaking country for at least 2 years, that’s a fact.
    Just learn vocabulary won’t do you any good. In order to speak good Spanish you need a good structure in grammar, which is kinda compliated compared to English. Suggest you explore what classes your community college offers for you. Also, you need a lot of practice.
    I know a number of "gringos" living in South America and speak kinda fluent Spanish, however, lot’s of them just picked it up in the streets. However, there Spanish is horrible, the grammar is totally effed up.
    You better start learning it right, and believe me, it takes time.
    I studied Spanish in Central and South America last year for 5 months (20 hours/week with a private teacher). After 5 months I just finished the grammar, and I am still not fluent. I will be moving to South America later this year and going to live there for a while.
    Just be patient.

    Norbert G

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