can a mexican understand a portuguese speaking person?

I know its a bit different from spanish, but a spanish person can understand a portuguese person, but with their different dialects etc. can a mexican?


  1. Usually a Portuguese speaker can understand a Spanish speaker. On the other hand, it is more rare that a Spanish speaker would understand a Portuguese speaker. That happens because Portuguese is a more Latin and French-based language than Spanish is. Portugueses has more vowel sounds than Spanish so it’s harder to learn. However, they are able to speak with each other even if not 100%…they use to mix both languages.

    "Abri a janela muito rápido para jantar" (Portuguese)
    "Abrí la ventana muy pronto para cenar" (Spanish)
    "I opened the window very fast so I can have dinner" (English)

    More so than most other Romance languages, Portuguese retains much of the sound/ vocabulary of the original Latin.

    Spanish speakers can easily understand texts in Portuguese and vice versa.

    In Out
  2. Yes, It is a little difficult though because Portuguese is not completely the same as Spanish but it’s not out of the question.

    Eu falo um poco de Português

    The Great Gus
  3. I speak Portuguese, Spanish speakers can’t understand me when I speak Portuguese but I understand when they speak Spanish I don’t know why.


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