Can Obama be presedent and we can still has a constitution?

I heard Obama is a Muslim and that means he is not from America? If he is a Muslim what country is he from and can he still be the president of america. I heard in church that he might be a terrorist from Iraq where we are having a war for christ our sawvior and redeemer. Is Obama like pontios pilot? Can Christians get reparations because of all the wellfare checks we are giving to muslims and they come from mexico and have babies and make regular people speak mexican american?


  1. First of all, there are many Muslims who are from America. Islam is only one of many religions that citizens practice, and you only have to be a native born citizen of 35 or older to be eligible for the presidency. However, Obama is not Muslim. Also, he was born in this country and is a citizen.

    If he is a terrorist, he is doing a crappy job of it, since he has instituted economic stimulus plans, started us on the road to universal health care, and kept troops fighting terrorism around the world.

    Statistically speaking, welfare recipients are not primarily Muslim. Very few Mexicans are Muslim either. Mexican American is not a language. People from Mexico speak Spanish. (Humans of all countries have babies.) Why you think that Christians are particularly paying the welfare bill, I don’t know, since all working people of all faiths who pay taxes are equally footing the bill. That bill is tiny compared to the amount that we spend on our war on terror, by the way.


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