Cheap way to learn Mexican Spainsh?

I will be graduating from nursing school next May and would like to learn Spanish because i plan on moving to texas and it’ll make me more employable. Does anyone know of any programs like rosetta stone, but not as expensive?


  1. You can probably find lessons online (like videos on youtube or simple written lessons on the web). You can browse through your local library or bookstore for a Spanish dictionary or an actual learning text (Half-Price Books, if there’s one around). Some people learn by watching novelas (Spanish programs), but it takes lots of observation and some idea of context.

  2. I tried rosetta stone for Spanish. It does not have any translation, grammar, or conjugation instructions so it will be very difficult to go beyond the basics with it. It is good for the basics as it is pure memorization. There is no way to be fluent with it. Their program is based on the same thing where you see these 4 pictures over and over again. I was disappointed especially for the price I paid.

    So I did some research and found some programs that were cheaper than Rosetta and I got to try it before I bought it. I was learning full sentences in the first 15 minutes. I have learned more using the Visual Link system in a week than I did in a couple of months using Rosetta.

    Here is a link. Check it out for yourself. You can actually download the actual programs for free and try it out for 7 days. Good Luck.


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