Culturally speaking is it common for mexican girls to prefer black men in America?

I find they are much better lovers than Mexican guys. Is it common here?


  1. Kind of, a lot of Mexicans are weird about Black people though, and I’ve known some racist Mexican girls who don’t even like Black men even as people, but at the same time theres enough others who love BM, its like a balance it seems.

    βɛccɐ ɫɧɛ vɛʟvɜɫøɴɛ
  2. No one prefers black men. If any girl says she has a PREFERENCE for black men more so than any other race, she is fat, ugly, trashy and is not liked by other guys so she says it out of hate to get back at other guys for not liking her

    Women preference in U.S (even Studies and surveys support this along with the U.S census)
    #1 white men
    #2 Mixed/biracial men that are half white
    #3 latino guys
    #4 light skin black guys like chis brown
    #5 Indians and East Asians, very dark black guys like akon.


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