Did you know that 97% of 3rd generation Hispanic immigrants speak english and only english at home and work?

What’s with all the they don’t want to assimilate scare tactics. Its just like in the 1920’s you would visit a town and everyone would speak Italian but after time they spoke English. Hell I know a few Polish, Italian, & Chinese ppl that are in their 3-4th generation and they still don’t speak english, but you only hear about Latinos not learning English. Heck there is China-Town here in Chicago and everything is in Chinese. I find it fascinating and have no problem with it. There are also Polish comminities with huge Polish flags in their front yards and no one complains. But you go to Little Village (ranked 2nd neighborhood in Chicago in Sales Tax revenue next to the Magnificent Mile in Downtown) and everyone is up in arms. Ohh why is there Mexican flag? Why do they speak Spanish?


  1. If true, that statistic makes sense. That’s the pattern almost all immigrant groups follow, including my own Italian family. Xenophobes recycle the same arguments from generation to generation even though the assertions have largely been proven false by history. In the 1850s and 1920s, Catholicism was part of the fear of loose immigration, but since so many Catholics have assimilated, they’ve become part of the anti-immigrant crowd. That’s largely been abandoned, but concerns over assimilation still play a role. Is that irony? That descendants of assimilationist ancestors think other immigrant groups can’t or won’t assimilate?

  2. There is only an %11 white population in Miami, I can’t even go there anymore because I am not fluent in spanish, it is also getting to the point where you have to also speak creole. I was in a hospital, a public medical facility, and not a single peson there would speak english to me, or even listen to my broken spanish. Miami-Dade has been trying for a long time to make Spanish the official language of that county.

    THAT is why people complain that there isn’t any assimilation. If you have ever walked down the streets of America and were treated like garbage because you didn’t speak THEIR language or accept THEIR culture.

  3. Too bad you can’t say Mexicans speak Mexican, as the Spanish in Europe are quick to point out that they are not Mexican and do not like being bundled with the Hispanic description.

    Your statistics are not valid and have no foundation, too bad again. 97% of the 3rd generation illegal aliens do not speak English, and your motivation here is equally ridiculous. Why lie about these things? Not necessary, we are fairly savvy on this board.

    Sleep well.

  4. Most of the posts I read here refer to immigrants assimilating and learning English and not a particular group of immigrant.And as for the flag this is a free country and you can fly whatever flag you want to but I as well as many other Americans take the flying of another nations flag as disrespect. Not only does it not show someones allegiance to the United States but it goes against the whole reason they are here,to make a new life in a new country that their country could not give them.So why support a country that does not and can not support you?

    JOHN D
  5. i grew up on the southern border. in a mexican neighborhood. all the kids in the neighborhood had to speak english. most often one or even both parents did not speak english, but they insisted the children do so. even to the point of siblings in the house must speak only english to each other, even at home. only speaking directly to the non english speaking parent were they allowed to speak spanish. assimilation was demanded by all the parents. and yet they cherished their heritage. this was decades ago.

    you know, ever time i read post like half of the above i feel sorry for the people who have never had a chance to travel outside this country and see the rest of the world. they remain clueless for life.

  6. I didn’t know that exact % but it makes sense. Why wouldn’t people of Hispanic descent speak English if their families have been here for 3 generations? The people who are up in arms over Hispanic immigrants are just buying into the racist propaganda that has always been used to divide the populace. Now its directed at the Mexicans but in the past its been directed at the Irish, the Italians, whoever the latest wave of working class immigrants have been. The technique is to divide the native poor and create a smokescreen so they (the US worker) won’t rise up against the real source of their poverty, which is the powers that be and the system that exploits them.

  7. Because their music screams, and they want to be herd. I live in fl, and they have this attitude that they are better then you. They also didn’t have press 1 for english 20 years ago either. If 97 % of them can speak english, then they should teach their parents. If they like it here so much, they can put up an AMERICAN FLAG and learn how to speak ENGLISH!!!

  8. Did you know that the vast majority of American citizens aren’t concerned about 3rd generation Hispanic immigrants (who are American citizens). It’s the 1st generation illegals we want tossed back across the border.

    Jimmy J
  9. It seems that racism is alive and well in the USA. My parents were immigrants and learned English quickly. They were so paranoid about my not being fluent that they didn’t teach me their own native languages (Italian/Ukranian), which was a shame and made it a lot harder for me to learn them as I grew up! Now, my dad lives in Mexico in a town that is full of rich white retirees, and believe me, very few of them speak Spanish–but you never hear the Mexicans complaining much about that.
    Funny how people complain about people not speaking English in America, but Americans are usually the WORST for travelling abroad and not even TRYING to speak the language of the place they are in. Shameful.

    cheryl m
  10. And yet they want us to learn Spanish so they don’t have to learn English. There have always been many languages spoken here, but we are never asked to adapt to them. Only the Hispanics expect us to bend over backwards to accommodate them. The fact that you even feel the need to ask this question is proof of that.

  11. Where are they? they must be at home because I don’t here them. I really don’t think you have your facts straight is there somewhere you retrieved this information?

  12. I won’t be here to hear the 3rd or 4th generations of Hispanics speak English. I’m not concerned with only Hispanics, I’m concerned with ILLEGAL aliens of all races, cultures and creeds. I’m tired of paying for them and I’m tired of their disrespect of our nation. A legal immigrant should be learning English and our laws the illegals choose not to and to demonstrate for rights they believe they have in our nation, which are none. That’s my issue!


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