Did you learn the Mexican Hat dance in elementary school?

We had dance in 4th and 5th grades, in the auditorium. A commercial I just heard on television is that Mexican Hat dance music, and wondering too, since we Boomers are supposedly five times the size of the generations either before or after ours, whether this commercial is geared to us, for our memories, like so many commercials now that have rock music in the background. Did you learn that dance?


  1. No, we didn’t have Mexican schools. This is the northern midwest. We learned the basics of the waltz and a little of square dancing and I remember the boys didn’t want to dance. LOL

  2. Yes, along with the polka and square dancing. The school and courtyard were of Spanish design with a beautiful tiled fountain. Our outdoor dances were held there and those of us who wanted to learn to dance could participate.
    I suppose it does seem quaint now, but it brings back good memories for those of us who attended this school. It still stands, but all of the beautiful architecture has been changed into a rather drab modern style.

  3. The Jarabe Tapatio? xD
    Yes and what’s more I learnt it in an English school in Dorset.
    We learnt it in First School (Elementary School) when we were seven or eight.

  4. Not to put down every Nazi,but I went to a German Catholic school during the early 40’s and the only dance they seemed to know was the polka. You had better know how to do the polka or I don’t want to think what would have happened. I was the only Irish parishioner and boy was it lonely. Would love to have gone to your school.


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