Do mexican gangs accept people of non-latino nationalities? And what language do they speak?

Pepsie, WHAT?
Steeven, unfortunately this problem is much deeper than you think.
Yet I even live far removed from Mexico and the U.S.
anyone else, don’t pass by! Tell as much as you know regarding the matter


  1. Plese Sam think twice do NOT goin this Gang. Are bad peeple. They come down my block twice a weak nock over all my trash bins spill all trash all over the street it gets not pick up and welts in SUNSHINE day. I walk outside and my nahhbor his trash nocked over too all up street chaos!! Honk horns lowldy and make sounds. I am hate thes kids so! Do not goin this gang. I calld cops on them but do nothing. I smell trubble for you. Talk to parents and teacher and frend for guydance. Do’not goin this gang, buddy. Love, conserned man.

    Steeven Leveevan

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