Do mexican gangs accept people of non-latinos nationalities? How to understand their slang/language?

Just get me informed!

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  1. I highly doubt it. Some Mexicans have trouble accepting non-Latinos in general*, so acceptance into a gang is highly unlikely. As far as their slang/language, Mexican Spanish has a ton of slang that makes understanding it very challenging. Try doing some research online and picking up some books that might help you familiarize yourself with the terms. Finding a friend who speaks Spanish and is from Mexico or has Mexican heritage is probably the best way to learn.

    *Note: I only say this because my boyfriend is Mexican and he and his friends/family have major superiority complexes over non-Latinos and even non-Mexicans (including me, his girlfriend). They may just be a bunch of jerks, but that’s my experience with Mexicans accepting non-Latinos.


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