Do mexican guys like half mexican woman?

I am Half mexican, half white. I dont speak spanish, I am white, but I have hispanic eyes(deep brown and long, thick eyelashes). I have always been really attracted mexican guys., are mexican guys interested in woman like me?
I’m not like white-trash white…I love the mexican culture and I do know some spanish. I just don’t speak spanish fluently, but that probably doesn’t make a difference.
Thanks ; P


  1. Yes. I presume you mean Mexican-American guys. If so, then you should have an excellent chance. I’m Mexican-American and I love both white girls and English speaking Mexican-American girls. There are some idiots like on this thread with some some obvious identity issues; but most Mexican-American guys are indeed attracted to white and Hispanic girls; and since you are both, you should be acceptable.

    Where are you from? Age?

  2. Not really.

    Mexican guys like a whole Mexican. One that can speak Spanish, One that knows the traditions, one that has lived in Mexico for at least 15 years and considers herself a Mexican not a half Mexican.

    I am Mexican, my grand, grand, grand parents where Not Mexican, they were Spaniards, but I am a 100 % Mexican guy.

    If you are not a 100 % Mexican girl your luck with Mexican guys is 0. No Mexican guy likes a half Mexican inbreed with redneck W trash.

    Mexicano Yo Soy De Corazon

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