Do Mexican men in Mexico surf often (is it popular there)?

Do people who live along the coast in Mexico have a lot of the same mannerisms of Californians above them? It would be so hot to meet a Spanish speaking Mexican guy who surfs. None of the Mexicans I know right now in Cali do that. I want to meet a guy who surfs for some reason because it reminds me of my dad and I always grew up at the beach watching my dad surfing. 🙂


  1. Although Acapulco, Mx. is not over all the best place to surf in Mexico there is a major surfing competition held here every year. Leo M. gave you a good answer. On a side note, skim boarding is very popular here in Acapulco. There is a great competition held here every year at Puente Amarillo.

  2. Specially in the pacific coast
    There is a nice place to surf
    Puerto Escondio
    The state of OAXACA

    Due to the geographical location the gulf coast and the Caribbean have small waves.
    The pacific has better waves. Every person I have met form the pacific coast know how to surf.

    Leo M.

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