Do Mexicans in CA/TX/AZ try to learn English. I know the legal Mexican immigrants do, but..?

….how much effort do illegal immigrant make to integrate themselves into American culture?


  1. The answer to this question can be found on ever single item in your local grocery store

    If illegals learned english and integrated then why would when you turn a air conditioner, a box of cereal or a bottle of shampoo around it would not have spanish on one side

  2. Its more difficult for spanish speakers to learn english, than for english speakers to learn spanish.

    "English is more difficult to learn because of pronunciation issues and irregular verbs; in English, many words are spelled the same but sound different depending on the meaning. This makes the English language hard to understand even for people whose native tongue is a related language."

    I think a fair amount does try. They would just need time to practice and practice.

    Btw, Bho is lying. I live in socal too.. When a foreign student speaks only one language, they would be sent somewhere else…bho what an exagerration.

  3. NO they don’t, I live in So Cal just 45 miles North of the boarder and I can tell you that I not only went to HS with illegals who couldn’t so much as answer, "what is your name" I frequently see illegals who can’t even make it though the check out line without someone needing to be called to interpret for them…its just sick

    legal immigrants need to demonstrate that they can speak English so its obvious which are the illegals

    BHO's drug dealer
  4. They try, but it is difficult to learn a second language when you have none or few people willing to give you the time of day to teach or practice with you. Not to mention it is harder for adults. Try learning Spanish by your self. It is easier to learn than English, but you would still have a hard time. Which is why most Americans can’t speak a second language.

    As some stated it is also more difficult to learn English because it is a Germanic language.

    Look at the following example, they are read as they are written.



    in romance languages like Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese ..

    The languages are base on combination of syllables for 95 percent of the words.



    form a word from those like the following

    Mapa ( map)
    Mama (Mama)
    Papa (Papa)
    Mio (mine)
    Mame (suck)
    Mapo ( mop )
    etc. etc..

    The languages are well designed.

    CINO Reporter

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