Do they speak Mexican in Mexico?

I thought they spoke spanish, but my friends says they speak mexican and I tolde her that she was wrong but she insisted that they spek mexican and she seeemes to get upset because i told her many times that she was wrong.


  1. well sorry, but your friends are ignorant for saying that. They’re wrong.

    you’re right. they do speak spanish. There is no such thing as "speaking Mexican".

  2. There is No such thing as a Mexican language. That is like saying one speaks American or Canadian.
    They are known by their accents and they vary all over Mexico as they do in the USA.
    Dialects and accents vary all over Latin American. The language south of the border in Mexico is Spanish and is the country`s Official language.

  3. Yes Mexico language is Spanish, there is no Mexican language cause Spain settle at Mexico and The Spain speak Spanish, Just like USA was settle by the British and thats why we speak English.

  4. 🙁

    There’s no such language as Mexican…. It’s just as silly as saying they speak Australian in Australia.

    Apart from Spanish, there are other 62 Amerindian languages in Mexico (check the link).

    A C
  5. I think Jim said it best that there are different dialects. Yes, Spanish is the language they speak. However different cultural regions in the world can sometimes respond negatively to you inferring that they all speak the "same" language. There are subtle differences that make each language unique and many cultures consider that a part of their heritage.

  6. The original Mexicans (Mexica) spoke a language called Náhuatl. It was to Meso-America what Latin was to the Roman Empire. While the Mexica were mostly exterminated by Spanish weapons or diseases there are still many Náhuatl speakers around central Mexico.
    The Spanish spoken in Mexico is different in many ways from the Spanish spoken in other countries especially Spain. It is not to such a degree as to make conversations totally unintelligible, but there is sufficient difference as to cause confusion in conversations between Spaniards or South Americans and Mexicans.

    While there is NOT AN ACTUAL LANGUAGE called Mexican many people jokingly refer to the Spanish spoken in Mexico as Mexican.


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