Do YA spanish workers hate me because I'm a mexican against illegal inmigration?

Why they keep sending me violation notes in Spanish if I write my messages in English?


  1. I’m hispanic, born and raised here in Texas, and I have to agree, I am also against illegals.

    If they want to live in this country, then they better get the proper documentation to live and roam free in this country, it’s only fair!!

  2. I think all legal immigrants are against illegal immigrants, as illegals act above the law, and all people should follow the law. I am a legal immigrant, and my parents and self have been law abiding citizens, the way it should be, if they are above the law they should be deported, and follow the same laws as all other legal citizens. I love the US and my first priority should be to do right for my country, which is US.

    Maria A.

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