Do you enjoy making fun of people who dont speak english just as well as you ?

Make fun of your mexican, colombian classmates who can barely speak english. A friend of mine does like to do it. Is it OK? Its the same every single day, the worst thing is that nobody does anything about this. Theyre also human beings, probably came here looking for a better life.



  1. Foreigners get a pass for a few years. My wife is foreign and speaks English better than most Americans. She barely spoke a word when she got here.

    But it’s gloves off for Americans. If you’ve lived here all your life and are too lazy, yes, it’s laziness not stupidity, to speak the language, then I will roast you. It just grates on my nerves because it is lazy, indolent and obnoxious.

  2. Lmao! My mexican friends do it to the mexican kids that can’t speak english its pretty funny and they don’t even bother trying to speak english so I think its ok..

    Jess Rodriguez
  3. It is absolutely not OK and it is your job to stop this bullying. Tell this person that you will not stand for their crap. It might be hard and awkward, but remember that you would feel like dirt if you went to school in another country and you did not speak their language as well as they did. We’re all human, and we all have emotions.

  4. No, it’s never okay, never. If you did that, you would be an embarrassment to our magnificent, culturally diverse country.
    Just the fact that you have to mention that they are human beings shows us all that there is still a possibility or feeling that they are NOT human beings. Although you don’t intend (I hope) to insult anyone, and most people wouldn’t understand how you did, its still true. For an example, it’s like when a white person talks about reverse-racism without realizing that it’s called that because there was racism in the first place.
    Think about how you would feel if you moved to a foreign country, didn’t know anyone, didn’t know your way around, couldn’t get instructions or directions, couldn’t get anyone to understand what you needed. Believe me, it’s not fun. You would feel helpless, at the mercy of the people around you who didn’t speak your language. And if you stayed there for a while and began to learn it, how would you feel if they made fun of your attempts to speak their language?
    You don’t have to follow in your friends’ steps and be mean. You don’t have to tell them anything, just simply don’t do it. If you’re brave, tell them you don’t want to be involved with that and turn your back on them or walk away. Good luck!


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