1. I think everyone should speak English in the US.

    Just as, if I MOVED to Spain I would speak Spanish.

    And yes, if I VISIT Spain, I do NOT expect the locals to speak English, I expect them to speak Spanish.


  2. I think everyone should speak whatever language they choose. It is part of their identity & what makes the USA a rich & unique country.

    However, I don’t disagree with a person having to take a basic English comprehension exam along with the citizenship test in English if they are to be a US citizen.

    Silly Girl
  3. Simple answer = YES.

    I think everyone coming here should learn to speak English.

    Having said that . . . . I think all English speakers would do well to learn some Spanish. The woman I love (and live with) is Cuban-American. While SHE speaks perfect English . . . her parents’ English is pretty rough.

    Luckily, I knew some Spanish before I met her and I’m adding to that, now.

    You might want to look at the census stats . . . Hispanics are the fastest growning "minority" in America .. . . so if you want to be employable in 15 years . . . you might want to start learning Spanish NOW.

    Dan in Miami (Where EVERYONE needs to be bilingual)

    Dan in Miami
  4. Many do, some better than me, but I only went to a state college.

    If they want to live here, I suppose it would be helpful. On the other hand I worked three years in Japan (saving over $4K a month all the time), without knowing Japanese.

    There was a nice story a while back about a couple from Mexico that make over $100K a year. Living the dream.

    Neither of them knew much English.

    Agent Smith
  5. Yes. It is the common language most businesses dealing in customer relations use. Used by Americans of many different races who grew up here. It is also the only tongue many immigrants may share in common, as the legal immigrants had to learn it as a part of naturalization.

    One of the tenants of political correctness is to call people ‘racist’ or ‘anti-immigrant’ when they say something like this. However, political correctness in my opinion is just another fundamentalist religion (which I hate, being agnostic atheist 😉 ), but for ‘liberals’.

    I do think we citizens should be more multilingual, but the same goes for prospective new ‘citizens’. That sword swings both ways.

    Brad B
  6. 2 languages are always better than one. Sometimes you might find yourself in the Latin side of town, and then what do you do, find some bilingual speaker to translate? I don’t think so!!!
    Also it helps in school, you can have double the friends! Mexicans and Americans

  7. The U.S. is supposed to be a free nation!

    So, no they can speak what ever language they want to speak!

    What happens if you got hired for a job and you needed to speak spanish for it? Would quit that job because you don’t want to speak spanish or would keep it and learn spanish?

    I have learned spanish, and learning another language opens the door to new friends and new exciting things.

    Try learning another languages yourself! And, stop putting mexican and/or(spanish speakers) down, we are suppose to be a free country that includes "speaking any languages that we want to speak"

    Also, i agree with the person above me you can have double friends in live also, Spanish-speaking friends, and a American friends!

  8. Why? I was born in Mexico and raised speaking proper Spanish! I will never speak English, no matter how long I have been here in the US!!!! NO, NO, and NO! Oh, pendejo…I think I am already speaking English…again…anyway, I dont’t want to learn English, it is difficult, and find no use of it.


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