Do you think we should have an open door policy with Mexican border?

I’m writing persuasive essay on immigration. Do you think its a good idea to have an open door policy where there is no borders and hundreds of lives are saved…on the US-Mexican border. What are the pros and cons of this? Please be honest and detailed (with statistics IF possible) thank you so much
im trying to get other peoples opinion


  1. It is my opinion that you guys should have a border between your two respective states, but that you guys over in the States are way too paranoid of anybody coming into your country. Mexican tourist should enjoy the same freedoms coming into your country as you Americans enjoy going into theirs. America is a little psycho about those things because they expect everybody to speak english, do everything "a la Americain" but when American tourists come here to Europe they make zero effort to learn the language or to fit in, which we totally respect because each culture has its own unique flare. But you guys should just be a little less paranoid of youe neighbors and embrace them. I’ve been to both Mexico and America a few times and I must say that I felt safer in most cities in Mexico than I did in certain areas of Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, etc. People are people

  2. You need to do some research on your own. Our opinions are useless unless you are polling us. It isn’t hard to find statistics- google or yahoo will give you more links than you could follow in a year. Good luck on your homework.

  3. This is the same thing as asking why can’t we have peace since we flashed the peace sign a billion times. If you call the drug cartel roaming the streets of American as an actual improvement along with MS-13 gang members are harmless..It will never be one world -one people – not as long as there is greed,corruption, lying,cheating,stealing, repeat offenders being deported to where, with no border then where do you send the criminals to, that come out of Mexico and other points South ?It a nice concept as long as there is good and evil, that’s all it will ever be, is a concept

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  4. up on all the hospitals that have closed down because of illegals. read up on why california is in such trouble. the list goes on. go to your search bar and type in illegal immigration and read it.

  5. We have about 310 million people already and we are facing shortages of EVERYTHING US citizens need in order to have a good quality of life. If we allowed the over 100 million Mexicans to come here it will only add unbelievable pressure on these limited quantities of needed things. If we do this then every citizen will have to lower their quality of life and they will ensure that their children have a much worse life.

    1. 36 states are considered to be in a drought .
    2. Gasoline is imported from hostile nations.
    3. We have limited ability to treat sewage & most areas are beyond capacity.
    4. Our schools are overcrowded and they cost 40-100 million each to build.
    5. Our roads are in gridlock.
    6. Our infrastructure is crumbling.
    7. Obama & the dems want to put cap & trade in – which will raise energy prices way up.
    8. Our hospitals are overcrowded.
    9. Taxes would have to go up to pay for all their children – they are breeders.
    10. Taxes would have to go up since they are lower educated & hence make less money & use more social programs.
    11. etc etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only pros would be if we could send about 100 million of our uneducated, low-income people down there to make up for the costs.

  6. Well here is my opinion..
    The system sucks. The goverment & all do not know how to run this country. Everything is illegal. What happend with no discrimination, no racisim. The gov. Makes the whole U.S look bad. The U.S is made out of money ,people are paid to get ridicalous thoughts in all of our heads. We listen & follow along without knowing what’s behind each word & each action. The U.S complains about people being to overweight & getting to sick. Well maybe if they would shut down fast food open up some affordable gyms or healthier food places people wouldn’t be so tempted. In some buildings there is signs stating “this building has chemicals KNOWN to California that could cause birth deffects & cancer” .. what the heck! Also perscription drugs kill thousands more than cannibas. Actually I never heard someone dieing off cannibas. They do everything for the same reason, money. They in reality don’t give a crap about how you are & what you think ,they just want your attention & money. The mexican border, is a waste its garbage. John F. Said ” those who live in the past are certain to miss the future” & I fully agree. Really the U.S has the border there since war, better said is that the U.S still belives mexico is bad because we did not want to give up some land. Some mexicans come to actually work, to help out their family they love & care so much to have a better live.. I mean do you see how poor mexico is? Would you really let your family suffer all their lives? Honestly, out there its much more difficult. How many mexicans do you all see standing on the street or a cornor with a sign that says “homeless & hungry anything helps”. I live in sacramento CA & I travel a lot & I have never seen a single mexican do that , you know what I do see they do though? I see them standing in a cornor of a street selling fruits & veggies. I see a bunch of vets & americans asking for money, & I do help I won’t lie but they have papers they have oppurtunity to go out & get a good education & job. we mexicans on the contrary have no type of oppurtunities to have a say oh mexicans are just over populating us & taking our jobs & stuff. To those who agree with that, you are a bunch of complainers , you do not realize how good mexicans can do for your country. Use us! Use mexicans not as slaves but as hardworking employees, some pay off their taxes they pay to buy your gas your merchandise they work for you they make your money spend your money on your products. Gives us healthcare , we could pay if you gives us a oppurtunity for a career we could pay if you let us get into certain colleges. But no. You all refuse to get to know some mexicans appear mean but if you all just give up a moment to try to get to know them they could be the nicest people you’ll ever meet who knows! If they turn out rude, at least you know you tried & that’s better than being judgemental. What I’m trying to say by this is that some americans are real judgemental they automatically assume oh there’s a mexican he is probably on drugs or he is trafficing them or he propbably has gon to jail a lot. No. Some have some do but not all. Its just like americans some are crack addicts some of you are good regular people. Some drop out some are well educated. Also in the language spanish is everywhere! If you do not want to learn it okay fine some mexicans don’t want to learn your language ethier. Some actually do, they carry a little spanish-english dictionary or ask round “oh how do you say this & that”. Back to the border discussion, like I said its a waste. The U.S spends billions covering it up thousands of patrols are killed. & spend on security & weapons. In opinion, they care much more to try & keep mexicans out that they spend so much on a crap border they don’t even spend that much on all americans healthcare ! If you take it off & let mexicans work you could save money & earn its a win win. Look @ war , they send people to get killed for us. The ones getting killed are leaving loved ones behind & they require medical care also, some even return traumitized or homeless.. Its just sad some do it ffor school others belive this country is worthy I honestly think this country is nothing but a lie. Everythings fake. I’m not saying all will be peaceful because If tradgidies didn’t happen people wouldn’t love & apperciate. Jails spend to much time on deporting, they have to pay the plane & stuff. & I am wondering if they know they have lifes also they are leaving family bhind that needs them, why do they make it a quote if nobody understands it, ” treat others the way you want to be treated” every ones diffrent & uinque but just because you had a bad day doesn’t mean you should yell @ someone for it, it wasn’t their fault. Lies, make all feel good & better. That’s why the gov lies to us all. Why do some call a mexican an “illegal alien”? That is racist. Do we look like aliens? Do we fly spacecrafts? No. We do not. Do you really need a piece of paper to make us “citizens” or “human” what if your little crap paper gets burned.. your an alien till you get a new one? Our ethnicity is not “alien” we are not from another planet we are no diffrent from most americans. We breathe we walk we talk, yes diffrently but not far just in a diffrent rythm & language. We are mexican, & our color is brown which is an exsisting color. You are american but I will not call you a cracker because you are white. Yes we are here “illegaly” but what isnt ? Some americans do illegal stuff, carry sell do illegal drugs, have illegal weapons. We are here illgealy to work & do something in life than sit around watch tv & eat. The dream act is a great idea, those mexican students that have worked their butts off to get into & pay collge deserve to have a career. We mexicans are not stealing your jobs, some just do it better, some of you americans need to get up & look for one make an effort. Do not get angry & go crazy if at your job interveiw they choose the mexican & not you, there’s a reason behind everything I belive, you must of did or said something they did not think filled the job requierment, again if you did . At least you tried. I have much more to say. This was my opinion, like it or not.. now if you do not like it then remember its just MY opinon everyone has them & they are all diffrent.
    I am 15 & I am a mexican & I was born in L.A.
    That’s is all.


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