Do you write out your grocery list in the same order that the aisles are laid out in the store?

So you put the fresh produce first on your list, and the dairy products last, and the mexican food in the middle?


  1. Sometimes, but my lists are usually pretty short. And it’s even tougher now that my usual store has been remodeled and nothing’s where it used to be. First aisle is the beer aisle, then the meat/bread aisle. I work my way from one side of the store to the other. Then comes canned, boxed, and dried food. All while grabbing dairy stuff at the back wall. Then there’s another dairy aisle with the cheeses, sour cream, cream cheese and such. Finally I hit the produce aisle, then back to the checkout.

  2. Personally I usually don’t have a list. I can normally remember what I need to buy without one. If I did I would probably group the items together like that without even thinking about it.

    My local store does move certain items from time to time though which is really annoying as it slows you down trying to find them.

  3. Not really. I suppose I do something similar though. I do produce first, meats, next, dairy after that, then breads and after that venture into the aisles. Of course, the aisle foods are also kept in an order, I wouldn’t get a jar of pasta sauce, then a box of cereal and then go back to the pasta aisle. Everything by order and arrangement.

    professor grey
  4. Sometimes
    I always keep a note pad in my kitchen. As I notice I’m running low or out of things, I write them on the list for the next time I go grocery shopping. Sometimes before I go shopping, I’ll rewrite the list in roughly the order the items will be found as I go through the store. I usually do this if I have a very long list.


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