Does it bother you when mexicans speak nothing but spanish around you?

At school, in the workplace, etc. Does it bother anyone else?
Your boyfriend speaks very little english by his own choice, huh? He should be deported. If he loves his own third world squalor he should go live in it. But anyway, my question wasn’t about people learning spanish. It was ‘do you find their spanish irritating?’
Theres a differnece, babiigurl, you little idiot. We live in an english speaking nation. And If I did them a favor by going to mexico, they better be damned happy to get my cash at the cantina.


  1. It is rude to speak a langauge around anyone who does not know it without including them from time to time. If theya re able to of course. You cna’t expect them to translate to you if they don’t know your language well enough.

    It has a lot to do with their insecurities, but also is plain and simple ettiqutte. People act as though they weren’t raised by a mother. It’s a shame.

  2. i dont know any mexican
    but i had lots of overseas students in my uni before
    and when they were speaking in their own languages, it didnt bother me at all =)
    i’m serious!
    i know it’s easier for them to speak in their languages

    poison ivy
  3. As long as it doesnt affect their work performace etc. I dont care if they speak chinese.

    I do however HATE it when I go to a Mc Donalds drive though and the person taking my order can barely speak english. Its not so much thier fault but when their boss (which outta be smacked for it) has put them working on something that requires them talking through a microphone/speaker you can barely hear to begin with..

    ♥ Carrielynne ♥
  4. yep, it’s completely absurd that people speak their native language.

    i’ve seen lots of americans on holiday in europe. not once have i heard anybody try to speak the language of the country they are visiting.

    in a multi-cultural society it’s good that people speak the language of that country. but it seems kinda insane to ask from them to always speak that language, specially when they are amongst people who speak their native language.

    go bother urself with real problems, makes more sense to me.

  5. It only bothers me, If i ask them a question in English and they answer in spanish.
    Apart from that no. Why should it bother me. i speak english, because it’s my native tongue, isn’t that all they are doing?

    Burnt Emberes
  6. I recently visited puerto Rico and now know what the hispanic population deal with on a daily basis…. I speak some spanish and thought I could get by… Yea right… you use any spanish at all and they just start rattling off in such quick speech I cannot begin to fathom what is being said, after a day or so of this I just said I didn’t speak any spanish… Isn’t this what happens in our country also? We speak english and at a rapid rate… Easier to say no comprende isn’t it? It takes time to learn a language and English is the hardest,from what I am told by someone who speaks seven languages. Oh and just for the record not all hispanics are mexican

  7. I think that if you are going to live in this country then it should be required that you speak english. I think that it is rude when they do that cause no matter how we talk, they understand it. I hate when I go to get my nails done and the asian ladies do that. You just know that they are saying something about you.

  8. I have no problem with Latinos when they speak in Spanish,because I speak Spanish,too.
    My boyfriend is from Honduras,he is Hispanic,but not Mexican.
    I believe by him teaching me Spanish,it has bettered me.He speaks very little English,by his own choice,I am the only employee where I work that speaks Spanish,so I am on call all the time to help translate,thus earning more money.We have a large community of HISPANICS here,and I work with the City here.

  9. spanish isn’t my problem, it’s Korean. My gf’s family doesn’t speak much english, so they speak mainly Korean, even to me sometime! luckily i’ve been able to pick up a little of the language. They are here legally, and are older, so the language problem doesn’t really bother me. As long as they’re paying taxes and contributing to America, I have no problem with people speaking in their home language if it is more comfortable for them.

  10. it bugs the crap out of me too!!! every time they do it i start cussing at them in spanish just loud enough so they can barely hear me. they usually leave or stop.
    if there is anybody that cant understand this, they need to think about what country we are in. this is an english speaking country. we all shouldnt have to learn spanish just so we can talk to the people around us (mostly immigrants). they can go to mexico if they wanna talk in spanish.


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