english pronunciation?

Well, I am Mexican, et as you know for us to speak english is really difficult, it isn’t like French, it isn’t like italian, it’s very different.
So, We have problems with the pronunciation. I would like you help me to understand the sounds you pronounce.

do you pronounce the T in parTy?

How do you pronounce the ‘ tt ‘???

It’s the same question, do you pronounce the ‘tt’ like the ‘r’ in parTy? or How do you pronounce it?

Thank you very much!


  1. Intervocalic T can be pronounced like /r/ in American and Australian English..
    City /ciri/

    In British English it’s always pronounced like /t/.
    City /citi/

    In "Gotta" it sounds /t/. But the word "gotta" is a slang word. Better say "have got to" =)

    Ana Ca
  2. The / t / sound can be a bit tricky. You can give a description from the phonetics point of view but you can also listen to natives pronounce the words you’re interested in, in different dialectal forms.

    I suggest you type your word/ sentences here:

    You then choose the speaker/ language and click Say it. You can listen to them as many times as you need to.


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