Had you ever make fun of a person who does not speak English fluently?

For example when you hear a Mexican or Latin American Person speaking English ?

No offense, just a question


  1. Well, I believe that those who make fun of others is due to a lack of personal self respect. They make fun of others to feel better about themselves thus a boost to their pity life.

    If a foreigner, who are not only Mexicans nor Latin Americans but also Asians, Europeans, and so forth, are making the effort to speak a language that is foreign to them, others who only speak one language should be ashamed of themselves rather than feeling superior to them.

  2. Nope, not at all.

    Even though I spoke no Spanish, I was stuck in Spanish-heavy classes, with many students who spoke no English. I’ve seen how hard it is for a non-native speaker to learn English, so when they do get a hang of it, I admire their strive to learn the language.

    Johnny Y
  3. My boss is Persian. I make fun of his English only because I know he’s cool with it. I know this because he makes fun of himself for it and loves to laugh when I point out a quirk or two. That’s not to say that I do it non-stop. Balance.

    Jana Allen
  4. yes, and i felt really bad afterwards, because they overheard me saying it, so i went over to them and apolgized and then we started chatting about his background. now we are really good friends.

    James B
  5. No. I don’t like making fun of people.
    & Although I’m fluent in english, I still make mistakes when I speak.
    No one’s perfect you know? And anyways, accents are so cute.

  6. why would someone? America is full of folks from other places around the world…
    I’m majoring in Hospitality and Tourism…

    THEY MAKE ME RICHER…LOL i deal with tourist and ppl who don’t speak english fluently everyday

    Mommy of Twins
  7. Je ne parle pas très bien l’anglais, je parle espagnol et français, mais je ne me moque pas des personnes qui ne savent pas parler les langues que je sais parler. je sais que tu ne te moques pas non plus, mais la question comme celle que tu as posé est très burlesque.

  8. No. I do not make fun of Spanish-speaking people at all, especially those who do not know how to speak English or they speak very little. Those who I come into contact with that do not speak English very well are those who are really trying hard to learn the language. They want to be here. Unfortunately, I know several people who choose to make fun of people like that.


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