HELP? Ten Points To Anyone Who Will Write Me A 5 Paragraph Essay On Mexican Food?

In Spanish class we have to write a 5 paragraph essay on the food and eating customs of a spanish speaking country. I chose Mexico but you dont have to do that. It needs to have an introduction and conclusion, and 3 body paragraphs that include special foods, eating customs, and when breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, and whats eaten for each. I’m in the 8th grade so it doesnt need to be too like smart sounding, but it should be good. THANKS!


  1. Mexico is a huge country with individual states and regions that vary widely from place to place. Some are closer to the ocean where seafood is key. There are places that are pure tropical jungle with lots of interesting fruits and vegetables. Other places are meat related relying on beef, pork, poultry, goat etc.
    Not all Mexican food is spicy, because of European – including Spanish – from Spain – influences there are a lot of things that are surprising additions to Mexican food like cheeses and grains.
    Many of the ancient Mayan influences using chocolate and corn or maize are far reaching.
    You might need to focus on one region and not Mexico in general.
    Write your own paper.

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