Hiring a nanny to teach my newborn a foreign language?


I’m considering hiring a full time Mexican nanny to teach my newborn Spanish. Has anyone done this and what are your experiences with this?

Also, I’m planning to move to a European country in @ 4 years. I would like to repeat the nanny thing. What European language will give my children the best bang for the buck from a global corporation standpoint?


  1. I would hire a Chilean or Argentinian nanny. In my experience both have a tradition in cultured affairs as well as charm and good manners. Besides their school system is by far one of the best in America.
    Speaking about Europe, you should choose German for sure.

  2. At this period in your newborn’s life, it may seem pointless to try and teach them Spanish because they can’t speak, but if you intend to keep your nanny around for several years, it may be wise to start now. Influencing your child now will make the Spanish stick in their mind and, although they may be a bit confused by both the Spanish and the English when they start speaking, your baby will grow up being fluent in two languages. And if you’re moving to a European country in four years, try teaching your baby French. English, Spanish, and French are very powerful languages (Mandarin Chinese is also one of the most spoken languages but quite difficult). French is spoken in France and several other European and African countries. If you would like, you could try teaching your baby four languages! (Though not at once because it would overwhelm them). But nearly everyone knows a bit of English so that should do fine.

    Brielle James
  3. newborn??? my idea of a new nborn is a few months old you know…. if your kid is a toddler try speaking to him in a forign language…. their attention span is fairly limited so speaking to them instead in a foreign language is more effective. i learned english that way, and since my parents are very idealistic they thought me an American accent as well… children learn languages better than adults do… so it explains why kids can adjust easier when parents migrate to a different country…

  4. not a good idea. because you speak english… and the baby is going to get used to spanish. about 5 years old would be appropriate. when they know there is a distinct separation between the languages…


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