how can I improve my english grammar and pronunciation?

is there a way to do it when you don’t live in a native country where english is spoken daily? I am mexican and I live here and everyday we speak spanish and spanish. just few english during my classes of my degree of english teaching as a second language but it’s hard because many mexican teachers who speak english have bad pronunciation and my grammar is bad.. even they correct me.. I have my doubts if they are correct or not.. because they confuse me with their rules and etc.. all them teach me rules but they are bored.. I can’t find a way to learn grammar without rules or stuff like that if there is a way of learning.. I have read for 4 years in english but nothing people say my grammar is good but here on yahoo people answered with another kind of answers like saying that my grammar is not good until I tell them that I am mexican learning english..


  1. To me, your English is pretty good, really!
    The way I learned the English (British – English) pronunciation is by watching BBC, just watch those British programmes at tv and try to speak along, I did that when I was younger, and now I am used to this kind of pronunciation…
    You can also find videos about pronunciation on Youtube…
    And about the grammar.. I guess there are a bunch of sites where you can find full explanation of English grammar…

  2. First step: Don’t read yahoo answers for examples of good grammar.

    Second step: Go find some practice booklets, normally a barnes and nobles will have them.

    Third step: Consider getting an english as a second language program like Rosetta Stone

    Joshua M

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