How can I show a mexican guy that I like him?

I’ve always been attracted to mexican guys.Theres some really cute guys that work at the supermarket, But the language barrier makes things kind of difficult. How could I tell them that i’m interested ?


  1. Err…learn spanish if you really care.
    Tell him,
    Hola, Mi Nombre Es __(your name here)__,Te A Visto Aqui Mucho Y Me Gustas.
    which translates into "hello my name is____ I’ve seen you around here a lot and I like you." its direct what whatever lol take chances.

  2. Have you tried talking to them? Just because they are Mexican or speak Spanish doesn’t mean that they don’t speak English. If they work at a grocery store in the states then they should speak English, at least enough to get by.

  3. Take the time to learn some phases in his language. Its always flattering to take the time to make someone feel comfortable and making an effort to get to know and understand them.

    Le gustaria salir alguna vez?
    (Would you like to go out sometime?)

  4. Try to learn some Spanish phrases, it may show that you were dedicated and willing to do it for him. I mean a lot of people learn foreign languages because they like certain people.

    Prince of Spade
  5. The same way you do any guy lol Just talk to them, show yourself to be friendly. Just realize there will be differences in the way your relationship will be.
    I dated a hispanic guy for almost 3 years (he was my first bf) and now that I’m dating a white guy, I never noticed te differences. Youll see what I’m talking about if things work out.
    google: machismo

  6. you could try and learn some of his language get to know him talk about his life in mexico and what it is like then you could speak his language to tell him that you like him.. you could say "I like you alot and I would like to get to know you better" then he would probably say " what do you have in mind" or something like that and then you should say "How about a date" give him timing and normal stuff for a date ( remember this is all in his language. ) I really hope this works for you if you need any more help I am in french immersion so i speak the language of love aurivoir thats goodbye in french. – Hamsterlover

    .ocean.-i luv HAMSTERS
  7. does he speak english, if not and you dont speak spanish it may be really hard to even keep the relationship becuase you guys would never be able to understand eachother or talk to one other?

    but if he speaks english to then talk to him normal, even if he does not speak it perfectly..

    ♥Still Waiting♥
  8. jusy say ‘Hola" lol it worked when i tried it on some spanish girls when I was in highschool….it shows that you’re interested or something…might work for guys too…

    Mr. Los

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