How come a lot of Mexican-Americans can switch accents back and forth like total pros?

Where someone’s speaking very normal-sounding English, and then they switch into Spanish and it’s like the most Mexican-sounding Spanish ever. The accent is so Mexican that it outMexicans the Mexican actors on telenovelas. Don’t most people get a strong foreign accent when they speak their second language? Heck I was raised in a bilingual environment and I’m terrible at my parents’ language.


  1. It’s probably because Chicanos are under tons of pressure to be more American than Americans and more Mexican than Mexicans…so they reflect that in speech.

    No, not all people have a huge accent. It’s way easier to avoid one if you learn your other language(s) as a child. I can pronounce Spanish perfectly, for example, even though my fluency kinda sucks. I’m a good parrot, I guess.


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