How come some Asian And Hispanic use English while speak their original language?

Like some korean, chinese, and even some mexican uses english like in their movies and sentence. I’m not saying that they can not use the english language. It’s like they don’t have their own word.

— Is English Really That Good & Popular?


  1. Do you mean people in other countries throwing English into their conversation? That could be because some English phrases have become so common around the world that they’ve become part of other cultures. French used to be the same way: all educated English and Russian people would use French phrases to show that they were cultured.

    Or are you talking about people in the States who mix the languages together? I know when I lived in Miami that my Cuban and Puerto Rican friends often switched back and forth in the same sentence. That’s one of the advantages of being bilingual: you have more flexibility as to what you can say because you have two languages to draw on.

    Steve P
  2. It is really the result of a ‘battle’ within the minds of the bilingual or multilingual person. For example, when an Asian talks about something that has to do with driving a car, that the person did not drive a car when he was in Asia, he is more likely to have more automotive vocabulary in English than the Asian mother tongue.

    Then there are the chosen professional fields — When Chinese semiconductor engineers discuss their fields of expertise, they most of the time must use English as some of the terms have not been translated into Chinese and become well known words. You will find the same situation with doctors ..

    H. M. C

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