how do I learn to make amazing chinese food?

I’ve been wondering how Wonderful House makes their chinese food and how to make that level of chinese food at home. Also my wife loves mexican food and I’d like to learn how to make really amazing chinese and mexican food.


  1. I don’t know Wonderful House, but I do know good Chinese food. If what you are trying to learn to make is fresh and delicious authentic Chinese food, then I recommend three cookbooks. If you practice with them you should be able to get very good.

    1. Land of Plenty – Fuchsia Dunlop
    2. The Breath of a Wok – Grace Young
    3. Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook – Fuchsia Dunlop

    Land of plenty is Sichuan food, the most spicy and flavorful of Chinese cuisine. The Breath of a Wok is a Cantonese cookbook and teaches you the most delicate kinds of Chinese food. Revolutionary cookbook is Hunan food which is spicy Chinese heartland cuisine.

    You will need a good wok, I suggest looking at the Wok Shop website to find one. You will need a gas stove that gets really hot, and some good Chinese ingredients (read the books to see what you need). After that it will just take determination and the desire to learn. Good Luck!


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