how do I write an intimate sex scene in my story?

This is my first time doing 1 in a story and I want it 2 be good. The scene will involve a Mexican skater with a virgin white girl…Please Help. I want it to be very detailed since it will be her first time.
Thanks 4 ur help


  1. You can’t write a good sex scene if you’ve never had sex before. It always shows when a virgin or an inexperienced person writes a sex scene. I get the feeling that this is you.

    You might want to just allude to the sex instead of actually describing it. In some ways, that can be more satisfying to a reader, and it will prevent the embarrassment of writing a terrible sex scene.

    Rebecca M
  2. In books when concerning sex, even the most minimal details seem appropriate, so my advice would be that less is actually more. Focus more on what the girl is feeling rather than what is happening.

    Howard Roark
  3. It helps to have experienced sex yourself to write an intimate sex scene. If you have not, I say skip the sex scene, certainly don’t go have sex just for the research.

  4. Have you had sex before?

    I would go to and look up all the stories of a sexual nature that I could. Study the way they are written and the feelings and actions that they focus on.

  5. If you’ve had sex, you’ll know what losing your virginity is like. Simply draw upon your own experience.

    If you’re still a virgin, don’t write in detail about someone losing their virginity. I have read many, many examples of people who have never had sex writing about loss of virginity, particularly in fanfic, and they always get it very wrong.


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