How do I write my address? I'm Mexican.?

Hello! I’m trying to select a shipping address in I know they ship to Mexico, but I just can’t put a correct address!

This is an example of my address in Mexico:

Calle (Street): Israel
Numero (Number): 123
Colonia (Neighborhood): Andreas
Ciudad (City): Mexico
Estado (State): Distrito Federal
Codigo Postal (Postal Code): 02090
Pais (Country): Mexico

But I can’t put it right in! Does someone know how to enter an address like that in Amazon? Help please!!

They only give me this (how the heck do I put the data in the right order?!):

Address Line1: (Street address, P.O. box, company name, c/o)
Address Line2: (Apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.)
ZIP/Postal Code:


  1. Address Line 1: 123 Israel
    Address Line 2: don’t put anything
    City: Mexico
    State/Province/Region: Distrito Federal
    Zip/Postal Code: 02090
    Country: Mexico

    That’s how I’d put it.

  2. Address Line 1: 123 Israel St, Andreas

    That’s as far as I can go. Sorry. It’s a lot hard without your real address. Not to be weird or anything.

  3. OK….

    Address Line 1: 123 Israel (Street? Road? Avenue?) I’d put "Street" if you’re not sure.

    City: Mexico, DF

    Zip Code: 02090

    Country: Mexico

    I wouldn’t put in the state since Mexico City, like Washington DC isn’t in a state. Leave it blank. If it won’t go through without it, I’d put in "Mexico, DF" again and see if it will go through that way. If it still won’t go through, I’d see if there’s a way to contact them either by email or phoning them.

    Buenos Suerte!

    Hey, those who say to put just "Mexico" in the "City" part and "DF" in the "State" part sound right. I would try that if leaving the "State" part empty doesn’t work. They don’t need your neighborhood, though. Neighborhoods aren’t as important in the States as they are in Mexico City.

  4. Address Line 1: 123 Israel
    Address Line 2: (nada)
    City: Mexico
    State/Province/Region: Distrito Federal
    Zip/Postal Code: 02090
    Country: Mexico

  5. they might not ship to mexico. call the customer service at amazon and tell them you have a mexico adress and they will be able to help you. or maybe this:

    adress line 1: 123 Israel
    City: Mexico City
    State: Distrito Federal
    Zip: 02090
    Country: Mexico

  6. You don’t have some of the information. Like the company name and P.O. box. For address line two, you’ll only need it if it’s for an apartment. Do you know which floor he’s on, and the number for it?
    City: Mexico
    State: Destrito Federal
    ZIP/Postal Code: 02090
    Country: Mexico

    Drowning in a black abyss.
  7. Address Line1: Calle Israel, 124 [I put "Calle" in case there is an "Avenida Israel", etc]
    Address Line2: Col. Andreas
    State/Province/Region: Distrito Federal
    City: Mexico City
    ZIP/Postal Code: 02090
    Country: Mexico



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