How do we expect the mexicans to learn english when we cater to them with signs in spanish everywhere?

Push 1 for english or 2 for spanish just aggrivates me to now end. We cater to no other ethnic group in the world like we do for mexicans


  1. Yet we take vacations to other countries and STILL expect them to speak our language! How dare they speak their language in their own country!

    *eyeroll* Intolerance isn’t an attractive quality.

  2. thank you for having the balls to stand up and be ready to have people throw tomatoes at your face. This is America and I agree with you. IF you want to live in this country, you must learn to speak English. In case you didn’t know, California permits a person to take the driver’s written test in SIXTEEN different languages. WTF ?!?! How many road signs are in MAnadarin Chinese ? And we want to complain because THEY can’t drive ! hahahahahah. be prepared for a backlash my friend. There are some severely racist mexicans around here.

    oh yeah – and a bunch of liberals that will let anyone run over me and steal my hard earned tax money.

    your stupidity angers me
  3. Businesses do it for the obvious: to increase sales.

    Government does it because there is no offical language in the USA, and not knowing English does not exclude you from receiving social services. Since most of the non-English speakers speak Spanish, they default to Spanish. But it really is unfair to the other non-English speakers. And I don’t think that we should accommodate them like this.

  4. WOW you pulled the thoughts straight out of my heart! I am getting really irritated with having to wait another 40 seconds on a phone hearing all of the options in both English and Spanish before I get to press a number. This is America!! Of course I press English for one, since when should that ever have came into question?! Do you seriously think if we went to Mexico they would have English options for us at their ATMS? no, they would tell us to learn their language or get out.

    Cynthia M
  5. There are pictures up for places like the mens and ladies rooms, etc. This is not only for Mexican people, but for all the people that visit the US from every country. Also, there are fairly recent immigrants from other countries who don’t know English yet. Don’t blame the Mexicans for everything.

  6. Having signs in English with Spanish signs next to them helps Spanish speakers learn the language. You can’t become a citizen without learning English, so think of them as learning aides. Whether or not they choose to learn is a personal issue and has nothing to do with nationality. Lazy people come in all colors and from all countries.

    I went to Europe a few years ago and found several signs in Paris that were in French AND in English. It helped me immensely. So did the helpful attitude of the French people I encountered. I really believe you get back what you give. I was polite and humble and TRIED to speak French, and the French I met appreciated it and spoke to me in English, as a kindness (probably to their ears, too). Being bilingual is a sign of intelligence…we should ALL be so lucky. Maybe if we retained more of our high school spanish lessons (or french, or german, or whatever), we wouldn’t find it so annoying when someone speaks in a language we never bothered to learn.

    Also, they are our closest non-english speaking neighbors whose economic and cultural world heavily impact ours…would we have so many immigrants if the Mexican govt. took care of their citizens? I think not. We’re going to always have ties to them, so why not help them assimilate?

  7. If one is ambitious, brave and determined enough to face and conquer the obstacles that present themselves when one attempts to enter a foreign country, legally or otherwise, then I would have to assume that one would also possess enough self-motivation to learn the language of that country which he has adopted as his own.

    Rose G
  8. I think it would be easier for them to learn English because the signs are in both English and Spanish. If they see one and uno at the same time they know one is uno in English.
    We cater to Mexican or Spanish speaker more because they are the largest minority group in Southwest USA. over 42% of New Mexico are Hispanic, 25% in Arizona, 34% in Texas & California.

  9. I completely agree. I hope the bill passes that makes English the official language of the united states. Every country needs an official language or things just get out of hand. First we will have press 1 for English 2 for Spanish then 3 for french 4 for Japanese 5 for Korean 6 for Cambodian 7 for Russian 8 for Portuguese and 9 for Swahili. Where does it end you ask? It doesn’t. Every government worker, police officers, firefighters, and doctors will have to know at least 9 different languages to work. It’s a slippery slope.

  10. Learning to speak English would be an act of assimilation but 80% of illegals from Mexico do not want to assimilate, therefore it really wouldn’t matter if every sign in America was in English.

  11. The sad thing is the was a bill that passed for english only a few years ago…. well what happened? My fathers dad was from ireland and his mother is native american…. both had there own native language and forced to learn elnglish…. so why should usa cater to spahish…… they never catered to anyone eles…….

  12. Unfortunately the gracious nature, hospitality, and patients of the United States of America is being abused. By whom and what you ask? We all know the answer to this. By a weak governing body (elected officials)and an muted voice. I speak up. I write letters, I attend meetings..etc. I am tired of Spanish speakers forcing their linguistical culture onto one that clearly already is in place and exists. English is by far my favorite language, but it’s in place and must be respected as such. To not do so only shows disprespect and arrogance on their part. I lived in Hungary, I learned Hungarian. I lived in France, I learned French. I lived in Spain. I SPEAK SPANISH NOW!!! Why does this bother me then if everything writen/spoken is in Spanish you ask? Because I am an American first and foremost. I love my language; I love my culture. In any other than the USA you will hear: “Come to Rome and do as the Romans.” So please respect it as such or please, leave!


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