How do You write these words in Korean?


Cus im Tryna put a korean URL for tumbler and for my new email, and like i dont know much korean, and im half korean, mexican and my dad isnt here so i can ask, Can Yuh Help Me(: ? Or tell me what cute words can i put?


  1. As the answer-er above said, it you literally write how it’s pronounced in English.If you want the Korean translation, just read:

    For love you there are 3 different ways to say it:
    Most Formal – 사랑합니다 (Sa-Rang-Hab-Nida)
    Formal – 사랑해요– (Sa-Rang-Hae-Yo)
    Informal – 사랑해–(Sa-Rang-Hae)

    I suggest if you don’t know Tryna a lot, you should use either the first or second one not to sound rude. The last one is if you are friends with her, or if she is the same age as you.

    Here’s Cat:
    고양이 – Go-Yahng-Ee

    And Kitten:
    새끼 고양 – Sae-GgEe-Go-Yahng

    Other cute things to say… I’m not sure if you actually say things like this but:
    Kiss me
    키스해줘요 – Ki-Seu-Hae-Ju-Seh-Yo

    키스 – Ki-Seu

    Cuter ways to say kiss:
    Kiss me
    뽀뽀해주세요 – Bboe-Bboe-Hae-Ju-Seh-Yo

    뽀뽀 – Bboe-Bboe

    You’re Cute:
    귀여워요 – Ku-Ee-Yo-Wo-Yo

    🙂 Hope I helped

    Jenny Noona

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