how long does it take to learn korean on the computer?

hi im mexican and I wanna learn korean. I can only spend 1 hour on the computer to learn korean. how long would it take? so far I only know how to say hi. i love watching korean dramas with english subs but it is not really helping. what websites are there?

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  1. Only one hour per day? You can still do it! With dedication, you can be "conversational" in 6 months to a year — sooner if you have LOTS of practice. Here are some of the popular Korean learning sites:

    Some of the sites like let you also practice with native speakers who want to learn your native language, which will help both of you.

    Besides that, it really depends on you — your interest level (which you already have), your natural ability, your dedication, and practice.

    If you have any spare time, I’d also suggest starting a Korean "meetup" in your area ( and get a few people together to just talk in Korean for an hour a week (or even once a month) to supplement your dramas and other study. These are the kind of things that helped me with language learning in the past.

    Good luck!


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