1. Good Question. It took a couple hundred years to get the culture we have here-meaning-English as language(those who came adopted this language Irish,Polish,Italian) .Laws and government,living styles (they did bring new food and flavor.)But they adapted to this culture and joined in. The sad thing is some coming want us to change our culture-new second language-add a flag-education-laws, and etc. I am not sure this is a good thing. Its one thing to join another demand a change-

  2. Gee! Millions of Italians came to this great land and they did’t take over America! (Along with millions of other ethnic groups)You shouldl worry aboout your government taking over this great land!

  3. I am learning Spanish. I’m not very familiar with the Mexican lifestyle, so I don’t know how to answer that part of the question (maybe you can provide more details as to the lifestyle).

    I don’t like Mexican food (I’ve been to a few Mexican restaurants but just didn’t like the food) so I hope there are still some Italian and Chinese restaurants around.


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