How much is 100 Mexican dollars in American dollars?

I’m not sure if it really is Mexican dollars, but I have a coin that has the following things written on it:

First side:
Picture of an eagle that looks like it’s feeding on a snake, with the words on top: Estados Unidas Mexicanos

Other side: Picture of a man with a long beard with 0 on his side.

So does anyone know?


  1. What you have is the old bronze 100 peso coin with the portrait of Carranza on it that was issued from 1984 to 1992.
    In 1993, 1000 old Mexican pesos became 1 new (current) Mexican peso. The coin you have has a face value of 10 current Mexican centavos, which is less than one cent US.

    The following is the Banco de Mexico web site. See "moneda tipo A de 100 pesos":

    For Sparks: When was the last time you saw a 20 peso coin in circulation? None have been produced since 2001. I haven’t seen one in Tijuana or Mexicali in at least three years. Here is the numbers of coins produced each year from the Banco de Mexico web site:

    I. B. Zoxx
  2. I don’t know where the hell some of these people get their so-called ‘information’ but according to 100 Mexican Pesos was worth $7.495555 U.S.Dollars just about 2 MINUTES AGO when I checked the site.


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