How to write with a mexican accent?

Hi, im doing a paper on local color and I have to use the mexican accent to write a folk story in english. Can someone help me and direct me to a site or a helpful youtube video? Thanks!


  1. How do you write an accent? We just write in Spanish (Castilian), maybe you can use some Mexican slang, but we usually don’t write slang words in compositions, I think what I write for school and serious stuff like that is the same in every Spanish speaking country.

    We never use vosotros always ustedes, we are seseantes and yeistas (not diferenciate between s, c and z; y and ll) but you shouldn’t write that one.

    Anyway these are the sites of some Mexican papers:

  2. Interestingly, somebody already asked this on YA, here’s the response

    What I would suggest is going to youtube and get some Spanish speaking videos, turn the computer away from you so you don’t watch but listen. Actors to listen to would be Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Sofia Vergara, Javier Bardem. Listen to how they pronounce words, and try to spell them the way they are pronounced. So, to write like they were speaking Spanish, you would spell the words they way they sound.

    for an example of say writing with a Cockney English accent which might give you an idea, apply the same pronunciation effect but using Mexican/Spanish.
    “Master, ‘oo is this geezer I’m sp’osed to negotiate wiv? ‘Ow’ll ‘e ‘elp us? It’s going to be somefink we ain’t had before, innit, me Lord?”


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