Hypothetically Speaking: If The majority of illegal Immigrants were haitian instead of Mexican?

Hypothetically Speaking: If The majority of illegal Immigrants were Haitian instead of Mexican would this change the view on illegal immigration. I mean if the illegal immigrants were black instead would the views on illegal immigration change. Can you imagine white people marching on the streets demanding illegal blacks to leave their country. Would this be seen as racism in the eyes of the black community. What would Jesse Jackson say?

PS don’t think I’m racist I am looking through a Hypothetical point of view.


  1. it would be an entirely different issue i believe. lets be real, its easier for people to empathizes and relate to those who look like them. i do not believe that african americans would be able to stand and watch other blacks being treated the way hispanic illegal immigrants are treated today without feeling some anger…

    @ibu guru: you are prime example of how anti illegals play both sides of the race issue. you attempt to justify laws like sb1070 and racial profiling of Hispanics because a majority of illegal immigrants are from latin america, but yet when the issue of racism on the anti illegal side comes up you say "illegal isnt a race"
    Why will you not admit that behind every source you give that has a study about how illegals are bad for the US is a white supremacist creator?? (mainly john tanton or someone in association with him)

    the racism lurking behind the debate has been uncovered several times and anti illegals have yet to address it

    Evelyn j
  2. There are plenty of illegal aliens from Haiti – and practically every country on earth. It is irrelevant which country a person comes from: Haiti or Holland, Mexico or Malaysia, Ireland or India. Immigration-law violators from anywhere at all are not welcome. No lawbreakers!

    ibu guru

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