I am Proud of my Mexican heritage, Latino Culture and Spanish native Language, don't you?


  1. I hope you can be proud of what you do and who you are. And if you are trying to show off your accomplishments, the Question is "are you" not "don’t you". There are a lot of wonderful things about the culture. What are you going to add?

  2. Being proud is great, being proud is wonderful…. yet don’t come to the US and think that it should be of any value…. are the same advantages extended to Americans? If I go to Mexico, and state that I am proud to be an American, wave my flag, do I get benefits from the government? Special treatment?

  3. Could you please learn to construct complete sentences. After all we pay for your education. The least you could do is learn something.

    Being proud and a dime won’t get you a cup of coffee.

    Don M
  4. You should be proud, it’s who you are. Anyone that doesn’t understand what you are asking…..are oblivious to the obvious. Everyone should be proud of their heritage…it’s something you can’t change anyhow…so make the most of it and be all you can be!

    Tina E
  5. Did you want a cookie for that? Who really gives a crap where you come from, at the end of the day? Also, if you’re really ‘down’ with your ethnicnessness, why don’t you GO to Mexico, and build a hospital, or something? I speak only for myself, but I think the whole country’s about bored to tears with the ‘proud to be mexican’ crap, especially when it’s accompanied by an apparent lack of national motivation IN Mexico to get with the program and do what’s needed to help their own people. That doesn’t sound like national pride to me, it sounds like song n dance. For my nickel, THIS particular act is getting old, and tired. And boring.

    If you’re so proud of ‘dear old Mexico’ go there, and fix the place.
    From what I’ve read, they could really use the help…start a factory, build a school, open some kind of business. I just read that Venezuela’s going to be trading with China. I think that’s really positive. Mexico’s trade is all with the United States, I think.
    So, let’s see Mexico start global trade themselves…Juan Ponce De Leon led his Conquistadors to Mexico, once upon a time way back when, risked his life in a leaky boat with some crazy italian dude who thought he was on his way to India, landed in the Americas instead. Think you could book a flight to Malaysia etc? LOL

  6. I think you meant arent you at the end of that
    thats ok I got it,but do me a favor and dont talk in spanish about me when your around me,its rude and i promise I wont talk about you in Gaelic,or German when I’m around you..its just common courtesy

  7. Are you proud enough to come to America legally? Would you give up your mexican citizenship and become an American? Would you swear an oath to defend this nation against all enemies? Would you give up flying the mexican flag? Would you volunteer for active duty in the American armed forces? Would you become an American in body and spirit? Where do you belong?

    Stands Alone
  8. first of all spanish is not your native language if your mexican , its a language that was forcefully given to you by your spanish masters as was your culture, religion and everything else that you think is your heritage.im mexican and im not proud of being a product of cultural rape and slavery.

  9. Nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage – however, if you are here illegally, you need to go home. If you are here legally, and plan to stay/take citizenship, then you need to learn to be proud of America and it’s history too.

  10. I am glad that you are proud and I respect that.Do you also respect the rights of other cultures to be proud of their language,their heritage and their country?I am very proud of my German ancestry and of being a native born American,and of the English that 80% of this country’s speaks.I also speak Spanish,French Cajun,and I’m learning Japanese.

  11. Good for you – there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage. I’m proud of my German heritage as well, but I just so happen to live in the United States of America, and I consider myself 110% American. I respect the traditions and law of this wonderful land, and I speak English – anyone who is an American citizen should do the same.

    United We Stand
  12. Always be proud of your heritage and who you are ! It is a very beautiful culture! While half these ignorant idiots will be working in their minimum paying wage job complaining about Mexicans being responsible for their failure, you will be making good money with a bi lingual job!


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