I have a question of Mexican superstition. (too long to write here)?

"Atole recipe, common beverage native to Mexican regions that is served hot or at room temperature."

Atole is something my mom always makes, its like a pourage or something. anyway. She wanted to teach me how to do it and i said, okay 🙂 So we started doing it and when it was all ready we began to boil the milk…And i mixed and mixed for like 45 minutes. atole only takes 10 minutes to mix…. and as you know Atole is saposed to turn thick while you mix it in the boiling pot. but the one i was making was thinner than water. so my mom got P.O’d and said "oh my gawsh! get away! go over to the living room!" and i said
"why? what did i do?!?!"
she said:
"your staring at it! if you stare at it while you mix it in too hard it will not get thick"
and so now im here puzzled. i have no idea what my mom was talking about but im pretty sure it was some kind of superstition.


  1. Ha! My family is like that too! My mom says its cause you have a strong "vision". If you do stare at the atole too long it will not get thick. Yea it was some kind of superstitious thing. Mmmmm atole I love atole lol.


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