I need the spanish (mexican dialogue) translation for "Would you mow my yard for $20.00?"?

My neighbor, who is Mexican, has mowed my lawn without my asking but I want to pay him & offer this job throughout the summer. I don’t speak spanish. It’s hardly racist, and this is the going rate where I live.


  1. ¿Cortaría Ud. el zacate por veinte dólares?

    Core – tar -ee- ah oo-stead el saw-caw-tay pour vane-tay dough-law-race?

    Although other translations here are accurate, mine is in Mexican vernacular (NOT slang – just regional vocabulary).

  2. ¿Estarías dispuesto a seguir cortando el césped de mi casa por $20.00 dólares?

    Are you willing to continue mowing my lawn for $ 20.00 dollars?

    Martha P

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