I speak American not English?

Im 16 and and my friend mike always corrects me when i say im not bilingual and i speak American… Is he stupid or something? Of course I speak American! just like Mexicans speak Mexican, or English people speak English or how Indians speak Indians!!! How should I tell him that he isnt a bright boy? only serious answers please.


  1. American is not a language. (Neither is Mexican, for the record. They speak Spanish in Mexico.) American English is a dialect of English, but the language itself is English.

  2. american isnt a language its a dialect
    mexicans dont speak mexican they speak spanish
    indians dont speak indian they speak farsi among others
    youre friend inst the only one thats not too bright

  3. WOW
    …PLEASE tell me you’re joking. If you truly believe this, I’m sorry to say it..but you’re stupid. That is such an ignorant thing to say.

    ♥Over the Hills and Far Away♥
  4. the distinction between ‘language’ and ‘dialect’ is hard to pinpoint. Do you want to argue, then, ok, you speak American English (maybe midwestern, southern, eastern seaboard American English??)

    Louie the linguist

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