I want a mexican girlfriend.How do I overcome the language barrier?

>Don’t say,"learn to speak spanish"because I don’t want to wait months or years until I become fluent enough to carry on a conversation.I’m learning slowly but from a friend not a class.
marshfield_meme,I think you should take a look at your Answers profile and then look up the meaning of hypocrite.


  1. ur soooo cute 🙂 ok, speaking as a latin girl, if i were u i would go to latin clubs with my friends! lol hang out and shop for ur prrfect lady 🙂 be nice, latin women are firey lol and try to see if u get some spanish lessons for free :):) xo. good luck!

  2. Hahaha! I’m Mexican and have a white GF, the Best thing to do is tell them that your not good in speaking Spanish, and alot of what you can do is either show them what your talking about or draw it out, or describe it, i mean you must know somethings in Spanish! Ill tell you what, just know your Mexican Food, Catholic Religion, and most of all SOCCER!..(Futbol) with that you can pass in a Mexican family. haha!


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