"I wish I can Speak Spanish", "I wish We have Mexican weather & food" How many times you heard this in the US

several eh?
Mexican weather means climate in Mexico, or Weather in Mexico.
Mexican food means Food wirthout being processed with hormons, and esteroids like all the meat in Mac Donald’s.


  1. I speak spanish, so I never wish I could. And, I’m curious as to what you think Mexican Weather is. Because in all honesty, Puerto Rico and the USVI have weather and lifestyles that I by far prefer over Mexico’s. Their food IS good, but, so is Cuban food, or Colombian, or Peruvian, for that matter, so I don’t see where you’re going with this.

    No. I’ve not heard these statements often at all.

  2. the speaking and the food, quite often, but never about the weather, But in my life time I have wished for alot of things, what does that have to do with immigration? And most people who wish they could speak spanish is probably for business or communication reasons, I’m sure not out of envy.

  3. gotta say, i agree with how-would-i-know’s thing about spanish language, i’m in my second year at school, and i hate it. if people come to america, shouldn’t they assume they need to speak english? i work in a grocery store as a courtesy clurk (a bagger if you must call me that) and i can’t tell you how many people come through the line and don’t understand a word i say, and have no idea whats going on around them. a guy could walk up to them and say "gimme all your money" and they’d respond with "buenos dias amigo, adios!" it makes me mad when they get upset that i don’t speak their language, "it’s my country doush bag!" i’m not a racist, i just get mad when people take advantage of the country.

  4. I haven’t heard any of that,but I hear "I wish to God the illegals would go back where they came from" and…"I wish those criminals would learn english so I don’t have to listen to that crappy chatter"
    That goes for the Mexicans,puerto ricans,romanians,chinese,and all other brands of criminal immigrants.


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