I would like to know who would help me speak Urdu. My girl is Pakistani and i am Mexican-american?

i really would like to know who to pronounce somethings in urdu and speak it to my girl friend who i love so much


  1. Urdu is a difficult language but it is very common. Hindi is also Urdu, which means Indian natives could help as well. Just thought I’d help open your doors.

    Andrew Gutierrez
  2. aww that’s soo sweet. Take urdu classes perhaps? I would teach you..but it’s really hard to online. Good luck!! And..it’s soo sweet that you want to learn it for her:) I can teach you to say i love you in urdu. I love you=main tum se pyaar karta hoon (that’s like masculine or w/e like you would say that to her..and she can reply by saying "main tum se pyaar karti hoon" Good luck!!!!


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