If I wanted to move to Mexico who would I need to speak with to find out more info-The Mexican Consulate ????

Or State dept. and how do I contact them?
I live near Detroit,MI


  1. In Detroit, talk to the Consulate of Mexico in Detroit. You want to speak with the Visa Section. U.S. State Department can give some tips, perhaps, but you will need to see the Consulate if you plan to stay for any length of time.

  2. Call the US embassy first, and start looking there. Also, there are many immigration lawyers who’d be happy to take your money and walk you through it…. but why on earth would you wish to move to Mexico?

  3. For any info from the State Dept, go to http://www.state.gov and look up the Consular Information Sheet for Mexico. That will give general advice. More importantly, talk to the Mexican Embassy in D.C.

    Doesn’t anyone else see some of the irony here? 🙂 Just go and live there and work — the Mexicans won’t have a leg to stand on if they complain.


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